Solutions I: Risk Screening
Solutions II: Electronifying Trade
Your Benefit
Impressum and Disclaimer

Letting outside experts take a deep look into one's operation - for many a worrying thought.

Of course, it is prudent to draw an effective line between indispensable anatomizing and "excessive trawling". And to make sure that treasures like your intellectual property, client connections and trading/trade banking knowledge really remain shared by as few outsiders as possible. As it is wise to trust your instincts if the exercise looks too much like serving as the empiric quarry in preparation of the analyst's next stop!

But what is the alternative, then, if you want to feel comfortable with these issues from the outset?

The safest way for you is to use a professional (and!) independent "single" with a typical top reputational and confidentiality background. Knowing personally and trusting the one who works with you in such delicate tasks. Someone who "does it himself".

Here slot in decades of a commercial banker's experience in Trade Facilitation.
To your benefit!                                             

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