Solutions I: Risk Screening
Solutions II: Electronifying Trade
Your Benefit
Impressum and Disclaimer
1. Risk Screening -               
a matter of confidence
and confidentiality

You wish to know where you are with your business and organisation? And where you'd rather be already? Then, what you need is an outsider's incorruptible assessment. A delicate task, though, that requires more:

Knowledge. Quick grasp of new facts and circum-stances. Understanding of complex processes in a trade or trade-banking environment. Unspoiled perspectives and view-angles. Analytical precision and reconciliation.

But given all these, full success will only be turned out with the tact and credibility required to "open up" the most important sources, your staff and management.

Tailor-made screening program.
Persistent fact-drilling.
Patient unbiased interviews.
Structured cross-checking.
Consistent capturing and
classifying of findings.

...and you get:
a reliable and valuable basis for
improvement and future action.

Milestone reconciling and re-calibration of tasks
Beside ongoing reconciliation of single screening records concurrent with project progress regular milestones provide comprehensive "as-you-go" feedbacks to management and staff involved to facilitate the change of instructions and direction.

Solutions II: Electronifying Trade

                                                                                    Your benefit....